I have read on another website that the government are allowing the use of the aminopyralid weedkiller again. Here is the quote:

I can hardly believe it but it’s true. They’re allowing the use of aminopyralid herbicide again. This is stupidity of the first order. I mean, if there is to be a stupidity competition in the 2012 Olympics, we’re going to win. No question.

This awful persistent herbicide was taken off the market when those clever people (yes that’s sarcasm) at DEFRA finally got it through their extremely thick armour plated skulls to their peanut brains that thousands of gardeners were suffering from the contaminated manure problem.

Even though they took it off the market, the problem is going to be around until 2013 and we’re not going to be able to trust the most natural fertiliser we have. So now they’ve decided to let it out again.

Well whoopee, lets all rejoice that the our government has shown itself to be so careful of the environment and the interests of organic (and non-organic) gardeners. If I sound annoyed, it’s because I am.

Anyway, we can try to do something about it. John Shobbrook of Black Horse Allotments Association has kindly put a petition online for Gordon Brown”

Now even if it is not true we can at least sign it to ensure that it doesn’t get into our ecosystem again.

Here is the link

Please take a minute to vote – that’s all it will take you.


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